I work with brands that challenge normal, embrace different, and pay my cab fare.


“Principal – Brands That Inspire Everyone”

JCPenney is back and catching all kinds of style, confidence, and inclusivity with an adaptive clothing line for disabled people like me.

Watch me rock turtlenecks, pop wheelies with the kids, and smile like I’m sunshine.


“Principal – IOS Accessibility Features”

Accessibility issues come in all shapes, sizes, and situations. Apple is on-point with a new suite of accessibility features for people with disabilities and mobility issues.

Check me out as the first person in history to make troubleshooting an iPad look sexy.

Ariat International

“Brand Ambassador & Social Media Influencer”

Ariat is my boot! And my over 1,000,000 social media followers know that. Brand ambassador? Advertisements? Influencer marketing? Hell yeah.

All I do is document my love for Ariat adaptive boots at home, hit my marks in the studio, and look cool on the town. Just your ordinary Saturday.

C4 Energy

“Brand Ambassador & Social Media Influencer”

Shout out to C4 Energy for showing that disabled folks leave it all the gym, too.

I’m a C4 brand ambassador because C4 is straight, pure, sugar-free, and delicious power. Want to see a dude in a wheelchair hit pull ups, presses, curls, and endure other forms of suffering? Check out my C4 promo that’s inspiring people with mobility issues to get strong and be confident. (I love this.)


“Principal – Walmart Optical & Vision Center”

I get my bikes and TVs from Walmart. No exceptions. So naturally, I sent in an audition video and won the part.

Walmart featured me as a product model and commercial actor, both in images and video. Sure, I wanted a bike, but I got glasses, and so did my daughter, Mya. (With an A+ in Math, it was worth it.) Thanks, Walmart!


“Brand Ambassador & Principal – PGA Commercial”

That’s right, I golf, and if you see this TV spot, you’ll respect the revolution I bring to the short game. (Am I serious or not?) Anyway, I start every day looking for beauty in living, but dang, what a gift. We spent all day at Myrtle Beach filming a commercial for the PGA, and the people are the best in the business: on the ball professionally and laid back, too (as long as you hit your marks).

Let’s be thankful for this, y’all. The PGA is hearing us. They get it. Golf is for everyone. So, we’re going to work together a lot in the future, and I’ll be getting on camera more and more.

If people see that we can play, actually see it, I’ll bet we’ll be all over the courses in five years—big dreams. I’m the luckiest man in the world.

(P.S. Thanks to every single person on the crew, and remember that I’ll see you soon when I join the Tour. I want my green jacket!)



“Smiling latino man in a wheelchair?” You found him.

If you’re a brand, a creator, or a casting director interested in working with me, do it.