I’m an actor, model, influencer, and father living the wheelchair life, looking fresh, and making change.

If you’re interested in working with me, I’d like to share my story with you. All I’m asking for is one minute. Let me show the possibilities.

A picture of Anthony Sanchez. This was for a campaign he was featured in, so so there is a green screen behind him (as is common in media production). He's wearing black glasses, which are square, over his brown eyes. He has gold studs in his ears to accent his yellow turtleneck sweater.
We see two images of Anthony Sanchez, side by side. The image to the left is him in the past. He's overweight, in his chair, wearing a dark tanktop. In the image to the right, years later, he's wearing a salmon pink dress shirt, , with a black dress shirt and dress slacks.  He's still in a wheelchair, but his attitude has changed for the better


Cushy job. Fashionable friends. Big ego. I was invincible—until the motorcycle accident. I broke my back, shattered my T-4 vertebrae, and woke up in a wheelchair—paralyzed from the chest down.

The truth is, I quit. Gained excessive weight, grew enough hair to hide myself, stopped talking and hoping. Sometimes you want to be a picture of your pain. That was me.


Mya was born in 2015. She’s a beauty and a genius. One Saturday afternoon, something changed. Mya was peeling an orange on the porch. She was smiling. I thought, “This is it. I have to live.”

So I lost 70 pounds, cut my hair, bought suits, and got handsome. You have to fix yourself before you can help others. And shoot, I’m better than fixed.

Anthony Sanchez is attending a red carpet event with one of the most important people in his life, his daughter. He's wearing a maroon purple dress shirt with a cream colored undershirt, sitting in his wheelchair. His daughter is only tall up to his shoulder, and she's wearing an ornate red dress, with gold accents around the skirt, and a red bow atop her hair. They're both smiling for the camera.
At a commercial shoot, Anthony Sanchez is next to a boy in a wheelchair. He's giving the kid, who visibly doesn't have a right leg, a fistbump. It's hard to see under the kids baseball cap, but it appears he's smiling.


Want to change the life of an SCI patient? Get in a car, drive to the hospital, and show up. All I do is let them see me: fully alive, smiling, and sitting in a chair just like theirs.

I’m not embarrassed to be me. I’m proud. I listen. We talk. So, what’s up? How are you feeling? Tell me everything.


Over 1,000,000 people follow me on TikTok and Instagram. It’s crazy. All I do is open my life and tell the truth. I share the good and bad and never quit talking about the gold on the other side.

Tonight, I’ll be live on TikTok, 9 PM to 12 AM CT, talking about my day and being with my friends: people with disabilities, their families, and thousands of able-bodied people who just need to see good news. Many are lost or alone. The #ACIC family is here for them.

“If Ant Can, I Can” That means everyone can. It’s a message that’s real, and we need more of it right now.

Anthony Sanchez is the center of attention at a in person meet and greet event. He's sitting in his wheelchair, wearing a black leather jacket, a yellow and gold hat, and black pants with some neon yellow sneakers. He's surrounded by people, about four to his left (one holding a baby), and two to his right (one of which is in a wheelchair like him. Behind him, three bunches of balloons are present. The one in the middle is white, while the other two are black. Some of the balloons have the logo ACIC on them (short for Anthony's motto, "If Ant Can, I Can").


“Smiling latino man in a wheelchair?” You found him.

If you’re a brand, a creator, or a casting director interested in working with me, do it.