Different is in. Normal is out.

A close up picture of Anthony Sanchez. He's wearing a black cowboy hat, but most of the image is centered around his face. He has partial facial hair, mostly consisting of a mustache and light goatee. The right side of his face is mostly in shadow, while the left side, his hand is pointing upward and the other three visible fingers are curled, covering his cheek.
The Logo of Canvas Rebel is shown.

Rebelling against boring journalism

If you want to hear the nitty-gritty of my life, the deep stuff, visit Canvas Rebel. These people really care about bringing the hidden, beautiful diversity of Texas to print.

The logo of Shoutout DFW.

Spotlighting artists and entrepreneurs on the fringes

Thanks to the Shout Out team. You all gave me a chance to share my story and show that creators with disabilities bring a totally new level of inspiration and passion to our work.

The logo of Voyage Dallas.

Stories of change and transformation in Dallas

Read the article to get my take on “representation in film” for people living with disabilities. Let’s work to be a part of today’s stories, then create tomorrow’s stories our way.

The logo of Voyage Dallas.

Local news asks me why impossible goals are the best kind.

Big thanks to folks at Fox 26 in Houston for inviting me to talk about the Jedi-mind tricks I use for positive thinking and how to stay motivated when there’s no reason to believe you’ll succeed. It was a thoughtful segment, especially for New Years. Because when you start again, everybody has a chair. I faced mine and won, and I know that at least one person who saw the interview is facing their own, and winning. “If there’s a wheel, there’s a way.” So go do it.


“Smiling latino man in a wheelchair?” You found him.

If you’re a brand, a creator, or a casting director interested in working with me, do it.